Erik is a co-founder, creative director and host of the newest age in paranormal research, ParaTruth Radio! He has over 9 years of experience within the radio industry; hosting and producing radio shows on BlogTalkRadio and Para-X radio.  When not on air, Erik is often found working on films and commercial projects as well as digital content for PTR. He also has some experience in mixing/producing music.  He brings a Christian worldview to the show and compares each topic that is discussed on air to the Scriptures within the Holy Bible. He does this in an effort to determine the truth behind every mystery and history regarding the paranormal.

Justin is a co-founder, producer, and host of ParaTruth Radio. He has over 8 years of experience within the radio industry and has hosted and produced shows on BlogTalkRadio, Para-X Radio, and Shark Radio networks.  He is also an aspiring writer and can usually be found in a quiet room of his home, writing a series of novels and short stories. He approaches the paranormal from a mainstream view, i.e. ghosts are human spirits, but keeps an open mind to others opinions/views as well.

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